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His dictatorial autonomy and legalization of polygamy led Pres. He was elected to the Michigan senate in 1964, and in 1968 he became the Democratic National Committee's first African American member. He earned a divinity degree in 1955 and became a pastor at several African American churches in the South. First elected to South Korea's National Assembly in 1954, he served there until his expulsion in 1979 by Pres. Young's subtle harmonies and unconventional rhythmic independence influenced both bebop and cool-jazz musicians; his gentle tone and ethereal lyricism inspired an entire school of jazz saxophone playing born Aug. With a new band, Crazy Horse, he had great success with albums such as Harvest (1972) and Comes a Time (1978). Charles Edward Louis Philip Casimir Stuart known as Bonnie Prince Charlie born Dec. Seeking to regain the throne, in 1745 the "Young Pretender" landed in Scotland, where he raised an army of 2,400 among the clans.

James Buchanan to replace him as governor in 1857 and send the army to assert federal supremacy in the so-called Utah War, but Young remained head of the Mormon church until his death. As mayor of Detroit (1973-93), he focused on revitalizing the crime-ridden city by attracting new businesses and reinforcing the police department. (1.88 m) tall, was a powerful right-handed thrower. Active in the civil rights movement, he worked with Martin Luther King, Jr., and Ralph Abernathy in the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (1961-70). Park Chung Hee, which touched off riots and demonstrations that preceded Park's assassination. Chun Doo Hwan in 1980, Kim was put under house arrest until 1983. In the 1980s he experimented with rockabilly and electronic music born Nov. After taking Edinburgh and routing the English at Prestonpans, he crossed the English border and reached Derby, but a lack of strong support from the Jacobites and the French forced his retreat into Scotland.

See also Habib Bourguiba Turkish Jöntürkler Coalition of young dissidents who ended the sultanate of the Ottoman Empire.

Consisting of college students and dissident soldiers, the group succeeded in 1908 in forcing Abdülhamid II to reinstitute the 1876 constitution and recall the legislature. Senate, where he became a spokesman for the South and the doctrine of states' rights. from the University of Edinburgh, where he became professor of obstetrics.

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The annual Cy Young Award, instituted in 1956, originally honoured the best major league pitcher; since 1967 it has been given to the best pitcher in each league a baseball player who was famous for his skill as a pitcher. In 1848 Mazzini replaced Young Italy with the Italian National Committee. The Young Plan, a revision of the Dawes Plan, reduced the amount due from Germany to .3 billion, to be paid over 59 years, and ended foreign controls on German economic life.After 1850 his influence declined as leadership of the movement for Italian unification passed to Camillo Benso, count di Cavour. It went into effect in 1930, but the world depression affected Germany's ability to pay.The Young Algerians were "assimilationists," willing to consider permanent union with France on the condition that native Algerians be given the full rights of French citizens.In the years following the war, such gradualist reformers found themselves opposed by radical nationalists demanding complete independence. Inspired by European youth movements of the 1830s (see Young Italy), the U. group was formed as a political organization in 1845 by Edwin de Leon and George H. It advocated free trade, expansion southward into the territories, and support for republican movements abroad. Douglas promoted its nationalistic program in an unsuccessful effort to compromise sectional differences Italian Giovine Italia Movement founded by Giuseppe Mazzini in 1831 to work for a united, republican Italian nation.

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