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For new firms in need of full-suite branding or established firms seeking a fresh look, our team can supply you with logo design, color choice and treatment options, business card and letterhead layout, Facebook and other social media page design, and more.Swift and professional response is the key to maintaining the reputation you have worked hard to establish.We develop and design custom microsites to fit seamlessly with your established brand. They are also necessary as Internet users are habituated to consulting them for information and, more important, a true sense of the people behind the scenes.We design and develop your blog to coordinate with your site and create a showcase for your firm’s personality.

We have the passion and commitment for finding the right tools, selecting only the finest ideas and creative talent, and infusing everything we produce with the energy and authenticity of a superior, hand-crafted product. A law firm is different from a medical practice, which is different from a hedge fund, which is different from a bakery.

Google-savvy pros advise and execute search engine optimization, cost-effective digital advertising, and other ongoing search marketing efforts using our own Internet Marketing Toolbox™ — a flexible, always-ready set of tactics customized to achieve your strategic marketing goals.

LISI’s Online Lawyer Profile Optimization™ service is an efficient and reliable way to ensure the practice, background, and experience of each attorney in your firm is properly represented and readily found online.

We make it a priority to proactively address and counteract online matters that produce negative search results affecting your firm or attorneys. Fifteen years of experience developing and running Internet marketing campaigns for the legal profession has given LISI the opportunity to meticulously create a process to accomplish each thing we do.

As a client, you are given direct access to our process - you will always know what's happening and when the next action will take place. Instead, we open the door and invite you along for a smooth ride.

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