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We have 500 salons which are in a joint venture format. Apart from this, we have something called territorial selling, where we sell territories to a master franchisee so that he can manage the territory. We think it is one of the fastest ways to expand network and increase brand awareness.The franchise format is emerging as a new business option for many first-timers to small scale entrepreneurs in India.

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What motivated you to start your own chain of hair salons? Today’s generation has a busy schedule but is image conscious, too.

Educating them about things beyond this was very exciting.

Hair styling to me is 10 percent art and 90 percent science. Our operation model for the Jawed Habib brand and Jawed Habib group is based on franchises. On a monthly basis, they have to give us 15 percent of their total revenues.

It was then that I thought of doing something different and decided to teach about hair styling and grooming.

Teaching gave me an understanding about people’s needs and wants.

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