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I find them so mass-market, like I bet they copied and pasted and sent to 30 girls without reading about me at all. And yet, despite all of those options for young people here in LA, it’s tough. And unless you get lucky at the Grilled Cheese Invitational or First Fridays on Abbot Kinney, it’s very easy to live in a huge city and never meet any men. Your ad is live for 24 hours a day for men to approach you, and if you log on for 20-30 minutes each day to reply and reach out to one new guy, your social life will instantly pop.None of this changes the quality of men, the quality of how they market themselves, and the quality of their interaction – all of which is, frankly, abysmal.I was blessed with a great guy, but also being committed to what I want, keeping a positive attitude, and always focusing on quality over quantity I’m sure helped a ton! There are many more men like this online that you might imagine. And what’s really exciting is that these differences have NOTHING to do with: quickly are things that any woman can do. the kind of men who are looking for love online are often professional, smart, single guys who just aren’t interested in the “bar scene” as a place to meet women, but who ARE interested in finding the right partner to their share their interests and passions.Real men who are looking for real women to connect with. But surprisingly, very few women are doing what works with men online.

I love the blog, although I don’t post often and had to add my .02 cents. And those great guys who aren’t in a serious relationship… The one you admiringly glimpse at when he’s mowing his lawn, who would love to find a woman just like you to share his life with…Or it can be the shy, sensitive guy who loves all the same things you like, but whose path you’d never cross in “real life” because of the realities of our distracted, busy world and the fact that we don’t often travel outside our own little “routines.”The bottom line is that a great man (the right kind of man for you) goes online for the same exact reason YOU do – to find someone to share a loving, connected relationship with. But could it also be that the women who ended up meeting their dream man online were doing something differently… and YES, these things they do differently give them a huge advantage over other women. The kind of man you might find online may be the attractive divorced neighbor across the street. There ARE things that women who successfully meet the right men online do differently…Why is it that while thousands of women end up finding true love online… And why is it that many of the women who are successful often meet someone FAST… That’s why when you finally learn and know the correct strategies and techniques for identifying and attracting the right kind of man online, you’ll easily able to make online dating finally work in your favor.The first key to finding love online is knowing how to identify which of the hundreds of men you will come across are guys…

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