Online dating red flags safety

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We had organised to meet at the pub, but he then asked me to pick him up on the way as his company car hadn’t arrived yet.

The only odd cue was that he asked to be picked up in a nearby carpark, not outside his house.

I was travelled, well-educated and financially responsible having bought my own home six years prior.

I had a good job and I came – come – from a stable upbringing.

Years later I have often pondered the human psychology of abusers and if they deliberately breakdown their victims to a state of powerlessness so they're unable to fight their own fight.

It is times like these I needed to draw on any strength in my emotional & spiritual ‘bank’ but it had been savagely depleted. We all have our own ways of dealing with trauma, some more effective than others.

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I landed myself on the other end of an abuser after going on two dates with a guy.We laughed, shared a mix of light-hearted and deep conversations.The sexual chemistry was there, but at times I felt he wanted to rush things.A male officer took my statement, viewed my call history and text messages which clearly displayed the threats and abuse.Then he asked, “Did you do anything to provoke this guy? Upon signing the statement, the officer advised that although a statement is made they can’t actually do anything within the confines of Australian law. I can understand this, however, I asked if his name can be recorded on an unofficial register just in case someone else makes a similar statement and they can do something based on numbers.

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