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Shortly after meeting outside the woman’s residence, the detective identified himself as an officer of the RCPD.

27, an undercover detective contacted a woman advertising massage and sexual services online.

It is divided into the 28th Operations Group, the 28th Maintenance Group, the 28th Mission Support Group and the 28th Medical Group.

Ellsworth has a population of about 8,000 military members, family members and civilian employees.

The back window was totally knocked out and damage to all the windows facing the onslaught of hail were broken."They're toast," said Clark, describing the vehicles outside their home.

Her husband does mechanic work for people in his spare time and several vehicles outside their home were badly damaged with large dents and broken glass.

According to his daughter Pandi, the tractor survived unharmed except for scratches.

Thousands of dollars of damage was done in the NVN area with photo evidence of orange and grapefruit size hail which tore through metal barn roofs and poked holes in shingle roofs all the way through the plywood underneath.

A wall from a shed at the Melvin Pittman home southeast of Nisland flew off and wrapped around his big John Deere tractor.

Her sister-in-law's Suburban, which Clark was trying to sell, was totaled with entire windows broken out.

"We had 19 holes in our roof, with big patches of shingles off, and many holes in our steel garages, some the size of an ice cream bucket," said Leanne Wells who lives east of Nisland with her husband Jerry.

Diamond Roofers was already traveling the area of Newell and it is certain that there will be plenty of work for roofers and construction workers as soon as insurance estimates are in and adjustors have surveyed the damage.

Gary Brunner, Butte County Sheriff's Deputy and his wife Aileen, said the storm started around p.m.

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