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White people simply don’t get a say; the word is off-limits to them. As a word used to shame white women who do not conform to morally conservative norms about chaste sexuality, the term very much reflects white women’s specific struggles around sexuality and abuse.

Black folks have surely won the right, long held by white folks, to struggle and determine amongst ourselves how we will refer to and define ourselves. Although plenty of Black women have been called “slut,” I believe Black women’s histories are different, in that Black female sexuality has always been understood from without to be deviant, hyper, and excessive.

Therefore, the word slut has not been used to discipline (shame) us into chaste moral categories, as we have largely been understood to be unable to practice “normal” and “chaste” sexuality anyway.

But perhaps, we have come to a point in feminist movement-building where we need to acknowledge that differing histories necessitate differing strategies.

I recognize that there are many women of color who are participating in the SW movement, and I support those sisters who do, particularly women who are doing it in solidarity and coalition.Looking for young sluts to train and use and pimp out and get also get top hung guys to use them and me together :-) Am smooth where it counts on meets ( smoother than my pics) and where not discreetly sexily covered.Hi, I'm Sinful Sindy your gorgeous, sexy TV slut, here to offer you a sinfully wonderful time.Here’s the source of my ambivalence: as I read the mission statement, I was struck by the righteous indignation these women had over being called slut.While that indignation is absolutely warranted, it also feels on a visceral level as though it comes from women who are in fact not used to being fully defined by negative sexual referents.

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